Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Mazel Tov Christine Baranski

One of my FAVE actresses.

Head on over to Deep Dish - HERE - to read 65 incredibly interesting things about her.

Many blessings young lady!



Cy said...

Thank you for this. Christine B. has been one of my favorite actresses for a very long time. A camp on the Big Bang Theory, hysterical on Cybil and marvelous on The Good Wife. I had no idea she has won and/or been nominated for so many awards. Who every wrote that entry on Deep Dish is also a devoted fan. Thank you.
All the best,

Damien said...

Hey Cy - you have made my DAY!

That was such a lovely reply. And yes, the blogger behind Deep Dish works VERY hard on his blog. Leave him a comment if you don't mind :)

Cy said...

As you wish...I sent a blurb to Deep Dish.