Friday, September 30, 2016

Anaheim Ballet Special Guest: Derek Dunn

Flashback Friday - Me In Tights

I told you was a ballet boy :)


I believe I was 21 here.

Roberto Bolle - Sleeping Beauty Pas de Deux

I am not a fan of the Russkies usually, but they do good ballet.

Especially with the swoon-worthy and totes dreamy Italian Premiere Danseur, Mr Roberto Bolle dancing the lead.



Wednesday, September 28, 2016

South Carolina School Shooting

From CNN...

(CNN)Two children and a teacher were shot by a gunman at an elementary school in Townville, South Carolina, an official with Anderson County Emergency Services told reporters Wednesday afternoon.

The suspected shooter, a teenager, is in custody, deputy chief Taylor Jones said.
The teacher and one student taken to AnMed Health Center are in good condition, hospital spokesman Ross Norton told CNN.  The other child was taken to Greenville Health System emergency trauma center by helicopter, spokeswoman Sandy Dees said. That student's condition was not known.
The mother of a student at Townville Elementary School told CNN Greenville affiliate WYFF that her daughter and classmates huddled in a bathroom.
"Her teacher was shaken up. I know all the kids were scared. There was a bunch of kids crying," the unidentified woman said. "She didn't talk for about five minutes when I got her. ... I'm just so scared. I don't even want her to go to school now."  The mother said she was praying for the families of the injured.WYFF reported the shooting occurred just after 1 p.m. ET.
Townville is in the extreme western part of the state, southwest of Greenville. Anderson County has a population of about 194,692. The elementary school has about 280 students. About 30 school employees are listed on the school's website. School picture day is scheduled for Friday.

Wonder Woman Wednesday

Listen to the lady...

Trump Supporters - A Pictorial

Some Star Trek Funnies

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

RIP Shimon Peres

Please be upstanding.  A great man has left the Holy Land to dwell with HaShem in the world to come.

From CNN....

Former Israeli Prime Minister, President and Nobel laureate Shimon Peres is dead, according to Israel's Channel 2 and Channel 10. The 93-year-old Peres suffered a massive stroke two weeks ago. He was reported to be making progress but doctors said he took a turn for the worse Tuesday. Peres' family was believed to be at his bedside when he died at the Sheba Medical Center in Tel Aviv.

The health of former Israeli President and Prime Minister Shimon Peres has deteriorated, Israel's interior minister said Tuesday, two weeks after Peres suffered a stroke.
The visibly shaken minister, Aryeh Deri, told reporters at a Tel Aviv hospital that he had been praying for Peres at his bedside.
Peres, 93, has been at the hospital since his stroke September 13.
Doctors had signaled cautious optimism a day after Peres' hospitalization, saying that although he was intubated and sedated, he was able to shake his son-in-law's hand as his level of sedation was reduced.

Brian Anderson - Pro Skateboarder - Comes Out

Rudy Giuliani Is 10lbs of Batsh*t Crazy... a 1lb bag!

This from Joe My God -link in sidebar.

Hillary Clinton’s decision to stand by her husband and attack former White House intern Monica Lewinsky when news of a sexual relationship between the two broke in 1998 prove that the former secretary of state is “too stupid to be president,” Rudy Giuliani said Monday night.

The former New York City mayor made the remark, captured on video and posted to Twitter by Elite Daily writer Alexandra Svokos, in response to a question about Clinton’s attack on Trump’s past comments about women. Giuliani defended Trump, labeling him a “feminist” because of how he treats the women he employs, and said he would have responded to Clinton’s attacks much more harshly than the GOP nominee did.

Trump himself said Monday night and again Tuesday morning that he had considered raising the former president’s history of marital infidelities as a response to the former secretary of state’s attacks. He opted against it, he said, because the couple’s daughter, Chelsea Clinton, was in attendance and he though such an attack would be in poor taste.

Ugh.  I think Rudy Giuliani is going sooky-la-la-eccentric as old, wealthy, white shitheads do.

Someone get him to the sunroom on a permanent basis STAT!


Who Doesn't Love A Good Bollywood Dance Up!?

Firstly it has the GAWJUSS Aishwarya Rai who is just luminous.
It has that Golden Age of Hollywood aka the Busby Berkeley choreography of the 30's and 40's.
And it has a HAWT guy doing a look in every now and then.

And who doesn't love a manic overuse of gold jewelry matched with some stunning saris.

Enjoy! This put a YUUUGE smile on my face today.  I hope it does yours.

Zing!  Zing!  Zing!


Monday, September 26, 2016

Stoopid - Why Does America Give Horrid People A Pass?

I am astounded that currently, large swathes of people in this wonderful country seem to be quite willing to either give dreadful people a pass, or, simply ignore their indiscretions/crimes/deplorable behaviour.

Trump is the ultimate case in point.

But let's reacquaint ourselves with Josh Duggar via the fabulous Joe My God - link in sidebar.

According to a Facebook message posted this afternoon by the Duggar Family, Josh Duggar is once again living the traditional one-man one-woman marriage that God Intended™ now that White Jesus has forgiven him for all those non-Jesus-y transgressions that cost him his gig as a hate group leader and cost the family millions of dollars of reality show dough. Whether Josh can be redeemed for his new job as a used car salesman, however, seems highly unlikely.

It would seem that Josh Duggar is finally living that clean, Jesus-y life that he was living before - if you forgive him those rape/child molestation/porn watching/wife cheating things that went on.  As his family clearly has.

AND he seems to be getting a pass.  This is Christianazi hypocrisy at its finest.  And wow does it piss me off.  Did he spend time in jail?  Is he paying reparations?  Is he getting ass-raped by a big white power dude call Earl in his jail cell?


He was sent to a Christian Facility where apparently he worked real hard with Jesus to work on both why he did what he did and forgiveness for what he did.  Somewhat coincidentally, the statute of limitations had run out by the time the media and a court had learned he was fond of touching his little sisters in their no-no places whilst they slept.

Now, he's having cute little photos being posted on Twitter by his twisted family who are just SO thankful for Jesus' redemptive love.

How nice.

I'm off to vomit for an hour or so.

Ugh.  I can't with segments of this country right now.  Just can't.

My apologies to Arnold Palmer that this post sits above his RIP.

The level of obliviousness in this country is now a pandemic.  People should be forced to be informed of current events and those horrible events that are being swept under the carpet.

That is all.

RIP Arnold Palmer

Please be upstanding.  An American great has departed our nation.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Friday, September 23, 2016

Flashback Friday - Amber

Amber - This Is The Night.

I loved her music in the '90's and she always had such handsome dancers :)


Furry Friday / Shabbat Shalom

Here's some furry Jews :)

Blessings and Shabbat Shalom all.


A Bump In The Road

So.................. I blogged about 3 months of no incident.

I actually made it to 4 months.  I'm not in an episode but I am not well and not coping.  The immigration process is the boogey-man.

The amount of information they require is overwhelming to the point of paralysis.  You name it and they want it.  As far back as possible.  And you are supposed to think about what they want, back when they want it, even though 10 years ago you didn't know you would want it yourself.

Money.  Photos.  Affidavits from friends.  Emails.  Plane tickets.  Cards.  Letters(?)  omg.

I want to crawl under a rock.  But I can't.  I have to do this because it's the rest of my/our life/lives.


Thursday, September 22, 2016

Fall Fashion 2016

Some of the interesting outfits that are part of the Fall season 2106 for men.
Fall is an interesting season for me because you start to see the combination of warm fabrics with the summer designs.

And yet, the fashion shows have a combination of things that you would and could wear, and of course the more out there stuff that you think "How could I wear that and not get mugged?"

 Scally Chic? I do like the jacket.

 This I like but it is purely for the body that is walking the outfit.

 I love this.

 I would wear the hell out of this.

There is NOTHING about this I do not like and/or would not wear. GORGEOUS!

It's Fall! - Here's A Ginger!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Andy Mientus - Open Letter During Bi Week.

Hey so it's #biweek- the week for the Bi kids to be visible. I try to be visible all the time just by being true to who I am openly, but I know many people struggle with this because of the stigma associated with bi-ness. I know that some of you, probably friends even, are reading this and rolling your eyes- "oh he's still holding on to that? Who is SHE kidding?"- and I don't blame you. Not many are open about it so we appear to be very rare creatures, maybe even mythical. I've definitely felt the pressure to just accept being lumped in as gay when I meet new people- correcting them feels super political and unnecessary in the moment but then later I realize that it's my own shame. I don't write this to position myself as an activist or a role model. I try to be the best person I can be always but I am just an actor, not a queer-studies professor, and I am learning along with everyone else. I have and will continue to put my foot in my mouth on issues so I won't pretend to know everything. What I do know is that because of my platform as an actor, kids reach out to me almost daily confused about their sexuality and it breaks my heart to learn that they are denying their hearts, bodies, and souls just because of what other people will think of them. We now talk about LGBT+ issues constantly but how often do we really consider the B in there? Have you ever doubted someone who tells you they are Bi- "Sure, Jan"- or debated the validity of that claim behind their back? Do you have a preconceived idea of what bi "really" looks like based on what TV and movies have told you? Do you think of it just as a sexual kink or as a true identity? When I encounter ignorance about my identity, I always try to approach it from a place of warmth and education, so this is not me lecturing the monosexuals out there. I'm inviting you this week to think about your own feelings towards bisexuals and ask yourself if there is any lingering doubt or prejudice there. If you think you could be bi, ask yourself what is holding you back from accepting it- is it your own developing feelings or your fear of society around you? Together, we can end that stigma.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

I Don't Care About Brangelina

Here's some bunny slippers instead.


Scandinavian Men

Where attraction is concerned, I have very broad tastes.
I love long hair.  I love floppy hair.  I love man buns.  I love clean, short hair.

I also love Scandinavian men. Ever since the summer of 1989/1990 in Australia when I met the most heavenly Swedish man at a youth hostel in Sydney.  He taught me Swedish.  Well........ he taught me something.



*click to engorge