Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Terror Attacks London Again.

Sad day for London.


From CNN......

What we know now

  • One woman has died and many people were injured, the British Press Association has said.
  • Met Police: "Number of casualties including police officers."
  • House leader: "Police officer has been stabbed."
  • Houses of Parliament, roads and Westminster underground station on lockdown.
  • Images show a car crashed into the perimeter fence of Parliament.
  • Members of Parliament locked in, told to stay away from windows.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

RIP Chuck Berry

I didn't realise the breadth of Mr Berry's influence on modern music, much more so than Elvis.
But as we have so often seen, white media seldom is generous with the role of musicians of colour.

Enjoy this wonderful article at The Washington Post HERE.

RIP Sir.


Star Trek and Lucille Ball

Acutally, that's Ms Ball to us minions.


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

March 15th - My Birthday

I have had an AWESOME day on this my 45th year.

My Bubb took me to brunch.  Then we had a power nap.  Then the Adorable Neighbors cooked me an amazing dinner.  PS Kansas steaks are HUGE!!  We also had hand made bread and hand made ice cream.  It was wonderful.

I have had best wishes from all over and feel truly blessed and grateful.

All the best to all of you.


Sunday, March 12, 2017

My Dad Is Apparently Dying

And I feel nothing.

My parents have been separated since I was 2 years old.

My mother is a saint on earth.  She has faults, and life has treated her very harshly in years past.  But she has been my mother, father, and strongest advocate my entire life.

My father is a selfish man.  A miser.  In years past he got at my mother through my sister and I.  He would pay the bear minimum in support.  It was often late.  And it gets better.

In high school, I was somewhat of a musical prodigy.  I played clarinet (my main instrument), piano and organ to performance level (Level 8 AMEB if you know anything about that).  I also played tenor sax, flute, bass clarinet, and, percussion.  In my senior year of High School I was urged by my concert master and my music teach to apply to the State Conservatorium of Music.  The problem was I did not actually own a clarinet.  I had one on permanent loan from my school.  A clarinet in 1989 was approximately $450.  Almost two weeks wages for my mother.

My mother called my father and explained everything that the school and my concert master had told them.  After listening to my mother on the phone, my father replied that he couldn't afford it.

My other owned the following in 1989;
  • A nice house with a pool
  • 3 cars
  • 2 sprint cars for speedway - his favorite past time
  • And his own truck and van repair business

And yet, that man could not part with $225 dollars - in spite of the sacrifices my Mother was prepared to make - so I could have my own instrument and go on to higher learning and an orchestral career.

This is not the only example of my fathers pettiness.  There are dozens more.  But this one hurt the most.  He denied me a future career.

My father has been told - after several small strokes and serious heart issues, including heart attacks - that there is now nothing else that can be done.  And, that he should make the most of the time that he has left.

I have not spoken to my father in at least 10 years.  The only reason I spoke to him last time was due to urging by my mother when it looked like he was going to die.

I do not wish to speak to him now.

I feel nothing except karma.  It may be a harsh thing to say.  But I believe this is his own Judgement.

When he leaves this world, and goes to the next, I hope HaShem has a long and stern talk with him.

Blessings to you all.


Friday, March 10, 2017

Furry Friday

We Have Failed Our Trans Brothers & Sisters

As of March 10th, 2017 there have been 7 trans members of our community murdered.
There was also a brutal extended beating and murder of a trans sister in Brazil that was captured on film.  She is dead.  Her murderers are awaiting trial.

In 1990 when I came out, there was a beautiful and very sweet trans woman at our *then* only gay club on the Gold Coast - Flashez.

She was tall, blonde, and she radiated peace within herself.  She was engaging and charming.  And I eventually ended up dancing with her in a show on a weekly basis at Flashez.  Though I have no idea what she is doing these days, when I last ran into her She was doing well and had plans to go into seam-stressing and to create her own beach-ware.  She was very nice to me and I remember one particular fun moment when we were getting dressed for a show, she had to retuck and she said "Oh love do you mind stepping out for a mo.... oh fuck it, you've seen dicks before.  Mine is just bigger than most."  And it was.  She also allowed me to watch the tuck process.  VERY complicated and not at all comfortable I imagine. I had many questions for her and she answered each and every one patiently.  She also gave the best hugs.  Warm.  Encompassing.  Genuine.

When I think of the ladies who have been killed this year - mostly trans ladies of color - I am heart broken.  Given my wonderful memories of my Lady, I am imagining an extended family in a state of horrible mourning.

Why aren't we doing better?

Why are these ladies not more secure in society?

Why are we not doing MORE!?

I am aghast.

Trans men and women are in such delicate states where security and safety is concerned, but aside from yet more 'awareness' I do not see any major initiatives happening. Again, it seems that our LGBT Organisations do very well with the G and the L, and ok with the B, but fails the T on a regular basis.

Maybe our community organisations need a culture shake up.  Clearly they are not doing enough.

And neither are we.

My blessings and love to the families of the dead.

May HaShem embrace them


Monday, March 6, 2017

RIP Robert Osborne

Please upstanding, a gentleman has left the room.

TCM's movie host, film conservator, and, all round old school gentleman.

Man Monday - Trevante Rhodes

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Priscilla QOTD - "Finally"

Some fun on a Thursday afternoon.

A magical film.