Monday, October 31, 2016

My Halloween Costumes

Happy Halloween.

I would be either.....

And yes I would even do it at my current size if I could afford it.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

This Is It

I Want To Go Away For A Few Days

Unfortunately Bubb and I don't have the money or the time right now.

For those of you who don't know depression or experienced what depression can be like then hopefully you have had the urge to run before.

Bubb and I want to run.  Unfortunately we have responsibilities here that we have to fulfil.  We have things that have to get done.  We have things to get done that will directly affect our ability to do anything else.

We are scared.  We are sad.  We are frightened.  We are uncertain.   We are frozen.

I can't adequately express the level of despair we are in.


Saturday, October 29, 2016

Ballet Vocab - Grand Jete

grand je·té
ˌɡräN ZHəˈtā/
  1. a jump in which a dancer springs from one foot to land on the other with one leg forward of their body and the other stretched backward while in the air.

The grand jete is only the first movement in the slow-mo series below.  It is all cool though.


click to engorge and enjoy.

I have several shirts in pink.

Love it.


The Hypocrisy of Michael Lucas

This shady bitch produces and performs in gay porn. 
Thinks nothing of penning a piece for alt-right/racist/facist site Breitbart.
Calls gays decrying Trump supporting gay couple as Soviet era thought police.
He's Jewish and doesn't get the hilarity of the above statement.
Is a total duck faced putz who quite frankly can eat shit and die.

That is all.

Oh - and here is the piece at Joe My God.

Michael Lucas.  Self hating Jewish Homo since for ever.  Fuck off please.


So Hot Saturday - Japanese Men

Minasan!  Ohayoo Gozaimasu!
Everyone! Good Morning!

Please enjoy these men of the Land of the Rising Sun this Saturday morning.



Thursday, October 27, 2016

Our FTM Trans Brothers

Let's celebrate all members of our community equally.


Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Pictures of Non-White Gayness

We need to see more of these.  Images are powerful.

Blessings to ALL,


Why Are We Abandoning Our Venues?

So I was over at Joe My God and saw THIS article about Portland, Maine's only gay bar closing.


In 1990 I was bodily carried up a flight of stairs into my first gay bar by my two best friends.  I was literally kicking and screaming.  What an entrance!  Once I was in, however, I found an oasis of belonging and safety.  My experiences of POSITIVE gayness now began.

The argument is being made that we don't necessarily need our own venues as the "acceptance" level of the community at large continues to grow.  You know what I say about the acceptance level of others? FUCK THEM.

I'm painfully aware that I shouldn't be one to lecture on external validation but SERIOUSLY?!  We are deserting our own small businesses so that we can have the breeders pat us on the back and say "Oh I love those to homoxual men"  right up until you decide you want to be as affectionate with your partner as they are with theirs and BOOM you are being asked to leave because the majority of patrons don't mind you being there until you decide to kiss your partner and they heave up their cocktail.

See.  THIS is why we need to continue our patronage of our OWN venues.  Because we cannot be 100% ourselves even in 2016.

So go ahead.  Go to your str8 bar where they lerv you.  Then watch the level of affection the str8's engage in, and you match it.  You'll be kissing pavement before your tongue leaves your mouth.

Oh....and if you think we shouldn't be affectionate when we are out and about having fun, grow up.  There is NOTHING we should be prevented from doing when out and about (law permitting).  And yet, there are incidents every damn day in this country and across the globe of our LGBT family being harassed, assaulted and killed because they only wanted to be able to do what everyone else around them was.

Our venues deserve better.


My 5 Grand Divas

For me, these ladies transcend the boundaries between art forms and stand as amazing women and striking individuals for many reasons beyond what they may necessarily be known for.

Who are your 5?


 The Chameleon - Ms Meryl Streep
 The Presence - Dame Judi Dench
 The Icon - Ms Barbra Streisand
 The Seductive - Ms Helen Mirren
The Elegant - Ms Cicely Tyson