Saturday, November 12, 2016

Matt Smith - The Crown

My latest tv bingefest is Netflixs' "The Crown" - the story behind the life and accession of Queen Elizabeth the second and her husband Phillip - Duke of Edinburgh.

Matt Smith - Dr Who - Plays the Duke of Edinburgh and he does an amazing job at capturing the bitterness, crassness, and flat out wantonness that is the DoE.

I am loving this show that took 100Mpounds to shoot 10 episodes.

Watch it.  It's well worth it.

OH! - and you see his bum.  Several times.



David said...

I just finished this up today! I was bored Thursday night and decided to try out the episode. It managed to hook me into binge watching the series. Quality stuff right there.

Damien said...

AMAZING SERIES! My Bubb and I are both Monarchists and love British history. This is JUST cream-our-pants stuff. And it so lush!

Damien said...

PS David - your blog is now linked here.