Sunday, March 26, 2017

Symphonic Sunday - Alleluja!

The incomparable Cecilia Bartoli.


Cy said...

I think Ricardo Muti is the sexiest, hottest conductor ever. Bartoli is one of the best coloratura singers in the world, with a very flexible voice and a great octave range. However, I would rather listen to her than watch her. She makes the most horrible faces I have ever seen on any singer anywhere.
Thank you Damian. Very enjoyable. It's good to know that some bloggers appreciate good classical music and operatic voices.
Ciao, Cy

Damien said...

The conductor is one smooth operator. Ive studied conducting so I know how complex it really is.

Oh i love Chee-Chee's faces and eyes. Its half the performance. She is soprano stupenda :)