Friday, March 10, 2017

We Have Failed Our Trans Brothers & Sisters

As of March 10th, 2017 there have been 7 trans members of our community murdered.
There was also a brutal extended beating and murder of a trans sister in Brazil that was captured on film.  She is dead.  Her murderers are awaiting trial.

In 1990 when I came out, there was a beautiful and very sweet trans woman at our *then* only gay club on the Gold Coast - Flashez.

She was tall, blonde, and she radiated peace within herself.  She was engaging and charming.  And I eventually ended up dancing with her in a show on a weekly basis at Flashez.  Though I have no idea what she is doing these days, when I last ran into her She was doing well and had plans to go into seam-stressing and to create her own beach-ware.  She was very nice to me and I remember one particular fun moment when we were getting dressed for a show, she had to retuck and she said "Oh love do you mind stepping out for a mo.... oh fuck it, you've seen dicks before.  Mine is just bigger than most."  And it was.  She also allowed me to watch the tuck process.  VERY complicated and not at all comfortable I imagine. I had many questions for her and she answered each and every one patiently.  She also gave the best hugs.  Warm.  Encompassing.  Genuine.

When I think of the ladies who have been killed this year - mostly trans ladies of color - I am heart broken.  Given my wonderful memories of my Lady, I am imagining an extended family in a state of horrible mourning.

Why aren't we doing better?

Why are these ladies not more secure in society?

Why are we not doing MORE!?

I am aghast.

Trans men and women are in such delicate states where security and safety is concerned, but aside from yet more 'awareness' I do not see any major initiatives happening. Again, it seems that our LGBT Organisations do very well with the G and the L, and ok with the B, but fails the T on a regular basis.

Maybe our community organisations need a culture shake up.  Clearly they are not doing enough.

And neither are we.

My blessings and love to the families of the dead.

May HaShem embrace them



Sooo-this-is-me said...

Great post, I agree with you. I just read about the murder in Brazil, the photo made my stomach sick and there's no freaking way I'm ever watching that video. Life must be confusing enough and hard enough for a trans person to get through without mobs dragging them out to slaughter, disgusting. I am still fairly ignorant about the trans community to be honest but they have my support.

Damien said...

All of the deaths are dreadful. The one in Brazil was particularly barbaric though.

Cy said...

The video was brutal. No matter how much you hate it takes a special person to treat another human being in such a horrendous way. I hope they hang them all by their nuts.