Saturday, April 1, 2017

Avant Garde Menswear

I love fashion.  Avant Garde is something that I either hate or love.

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend :)


 Mother Goose?

 Grace Jones?  Is that you?

 Bond Villain?

 Somewhat cupid-ish, I'd wear it though.


 Ben Kenobi? Jedi chic?

 Hot smirk.  Interesting pants and boots.

 Off to the races..... I love this.

My Sunday house frock :)

1 comment:

Cy said...

This proves to me finally that all men's clothing designers are gay. They make these clothes so women will be turned off and more men will be available for the gay crowd. The only normal look is the guy with the "hot smirk." That's my idea of a hot guy dressed well.