Friday, February 3, 2017

Colby Keller Stands By Trump

Ugh.  Sorry.  He has jumped the shark and ruined any credibility.  I hope his adult career fails abysmally now.


And no I will not post a pic of this piece of truly deluded poo stain.


*Article reprinted from Towleroad - link in sidebar

Said Keller:
“I’m a little surprised he’s as aggressive on ‘the wall’ as he said he would be…But I’m not surprised people like Trump and corporate America are going to the lengths they are in a system that’s no longer defensible. They’ll stop at nothing. At least Trump is inspiring people to resist a really corrupt economic system that is f**king us all over.”

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After attacking Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, Keller continues, admitting he’s a Communist:
“Things will get a lot worse and that will get us to a point where we need to be…Being a communist in 2017 means delivering better lives for people by collaborating. Competition and letting people who’ve controlled the earth for many years, who are evil and nasty, is not the way to get things done.”
He concludes: “The Democratic Party’s diabolical politics don’t serve the interests of the American people and that’s why [Trump voters] acted out. It’s going to take someone like Donald Trump to get people to overthrow the system.”


Cy said...

I always thought he was a fucking hot stud in porno films. However, he has definitely dropped way down in my estimation to a low-life shit. Wait until the religious right takes over Washington, and they put a big BAN on porno films and he is out of work. Trump will not give him a hand-out.

Damien said...

He really fucked it over with the community.

And the "Communist" identity? No.