Sunday, February 26, 2017

RIP Bill Paxton

A friend of mine on Facebook referred to Bill Paxton as the "Film Everyman".
He was always in something.  Sometimes a lead.  Sometimes supporting.  Sometimes a bad-ass cameo.  I loved him in Aliens.  Such a smart intelligent man playing a bad-ass grunt so beautifully.

Please be upstanding, an actor has departed the stage.



Cy said...

I liked him very much. A great character. He was hysterical in "True Lies" with Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis. Everytime Arnie got near him he pissed his pants. He will be missed.

Damien said...

True Lies was a bravura performance for him.

Cy said...

As of today 3/7, they say he had a stroke after the operation for a heart valve replacement. 7 days after the operation. Too bad. He was a great actor. He will be missed.

Damien said...

Ciro. A real shame. He will be missed as you said.