Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Small Goals Become A Big One

For 8 months I have slowly been putting in place the small steps of weight loss/health gains.

  • Trimming portion sizes
  • Slowly lowering the amount of sugars and fats (Still keeping some though)
  • Breaking with soda (hard)
  • Increasing my water intake
  • Walking.  Not far but regularly
  • Keeping everything going - not that easy, a couple of boo-boos.'
And yesterday I reaped the rewards.

28pounds / 13.7kilograms down.

And I plan to lose a little more.  Not too much.  I want to be healthy, not thin.

My whole plan is about assisting my health and not being about losing weight.  
The side effect has some weight loss (Yay) - but the overall goal is to improve my health.

And yes, my health has improved.  And that is the better thing. I haven't felt so good in years.
And my depression is not bothering me.

Shalom all.



The Mistress said...

The Mistress is proud of your achievements and the sensible way you're going about it.

Damien said...

Thank my Mistress :)

Unknown said...

I am walking the same path, returning to a previous level of fitness. 160 lbs down so far, 40 more to go. Good job and good luck!

Cy said...

Instead of soda try canned seltzer. Not the flavored kind. It satisfies the craving for bubbles, but it has no sugar or salt or anything else. Just water with bubbles. If you find it too boring try a squeeze of lemon or orange.

Allan said...

Well done to you......no need to be anorexic just stay within a healthy weight to height ratio. Moderation is my motto.

Damien said...

David - 160lbs is AMAZING!! Well done. Mazel Tov Sir.

Ciro - I hadnt thought of Seltzer. Ill definitely give it a try. Thanks for the tip.

Allan - LOL No to anorexic lol. Just healthy. Moderation IS the key.

Mat said...

That's honestly so motivating. I love your little goals, I've saved them so that I can work them into my weight loss journey.

Damien said...

Thank you so much Mat. Most kind of you.
Little steps will eventually equal an achieved goal.
Patience and perseverance.