Thursday, August 25, 2016

Julian Assange And Wikileaks Are Putzes

So aside from putting gay people in Saudi Arabia in danger, that bipedal turd Julian Assange and his WikiLeaks team are going to dump yet more Clinton documents in a concerted hope to harm her campaign.

Once upon a time WikiLeaks may - MAY - have been able to claim the moral high ground.  But now after putting lives in risk AGAIN, and interfering in the internal democratic processes of the United States they are clearly just another form of terrorist organisation.

I say threaten the Ecuadorians and get Assange out of there and into a cell.  He is a putz with NO concern for the safety of individuals and every concern with making sure he is COOL and in the headlines for sticking it to the 'establishment'.  Regardless of whether he is affecting change in the right establishment or not.

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