Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Kansas Is So Gosh Darn Friendly

When I mentioned to USA friends that we had decided to stay in Kansas, the response I got most was "Oh God why!?"  My friends warned me about the nutty Governor, the sheer amount of corn, the sheer amount of churches, the sheer amount of Republicans & Conservatives, and yet, all I have felt thus far is welcomed.

Now, when I say Kansas I am saying Kansas City, Overland Park, Olathe, Leawood and Lenexa as these are all the cities my travels take me to.  (Bubb and I live in Overland Park near the State Line).

I have an accent and I love to chat.  So when I go anywhere here and say 'Hello' the initial reaction is "OMGosh you have an accent!  Where are ya from?" which then leads into at least a 5 minute conversation of where I am from, how much people love the idea of visiting Australia, and all the subsequent questions people can ask about Aussieland.

Now a question that is asked early on is "Why are you settling here?" and I always answer honestly "My Husband wanted to be closer to his family and voila we settled here." 

I have not had ONE bad response.

People often offer shock and horror that we voluntarily chose to stay here in the OP.  They wonder why not a bigger city?  They usually ask how we are settling in etc.  I have had a few people actually say "You'll be really welcome here.  Kansas is more accepting than y'all think."  And I think they are right.

KC/OP seems to be very friendly.  Now this might change out in the Kansas heartlands, but here in the KC/OP with its predominantly Republican base, we have had no problems.  Hell, we just got back from an information session about adoption and everyone there didn't bat an eyelid!

It is obvious that America is big enough that unless you live in a place you will often think of the stereotypical attitudes as you are told them / read about them / hear about them.  However, I think I can say that the KC/OP - and indeed the area of the state around KC/OP - is actually VERY LGBT friendly.

And I love it here.

Shalom y'all.



Anonymous said...

You have to take people as you find them. And places. I think it's lovely that you want to stay close to family. I'm sure they appreciate it. Do you get on?
I worked in America for a while. Every time I started talking people would stare at my lips trying to follow what I was saying. A woman once asked me "Are you from Belgium?"!!

Damien said...

We do get along very well. I love his family they are adorable, especially his sister.