Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Luke Cage - Finally Watched It

So I watched the first 2 episodes of Luke Cage and here are my thoughts.

  1. I love the music.  Featured and background.  Its a very well blended selection of musical styles.
  2. I love the staging and fashion.  Beautiful juxtaposition and dichotomy of the players.
  3. Mike Colter is so much more layered and complex than in Jessica Jones.  Which I understand.  He is a lead here and given more.  And he uses it well.  Nuanced and quietly impressive.  Mark of an actor who has a real grasp of the kraft.  And when he mutters "You have my word Ma'am.  I got you"   Shivers.
  4. Simone Missick is the perfect actress to put across from Mike Colter.  She easily matches his grasp and then flicks it back at him.  The interplay at the bar in episode 1 was beautifully done.  Not to mention that she is very close to the Misty in the comics.  Always different on screen to be sure. 
  5. Theo Rossi is a favourite of mine, from Sons of Anarchy, and he brings his full game to the character of Shades.  And he is hot as all hell.
  6. Alfre Woodard is a goddess.  She can do no wrong and again is cast in a great role that she makes her own.  She imbues her character with a slimy evil that goes beyond the usual puss that is a politician.  She is the one to watch.  Something going to happen there.
  7. Mahershala Ali's portrayal of Cottonmouth is the character that I was disappointed in.  He is two layers of stereotypical bad guy.  I am hoping that beyond the first episode he grows somehow.  Then again maybe he is supposed to be like that.
  8. I love Frank Whaley.  He has a natural comic timing that he brings to every character.  And he has that every man New York interesting that I like.  Love that he is in this.
  9. The reveal of his abilities at the end of episode 1 was done exactly as it should have been.  Simple.  Short.  Sweet.  Nothing over the top.
  10. The whole first episode was smooth as a nice scotch.  I am HOOKED.
Loved it all.  If you haven't watched this, and you like good television, watch it. 


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