Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Ezra Miller - Renaissance Man

Ezra Miller has been chosen to play The Flash in the new ensemble DC film "Justice League".

I love Ezra.  I love his quirkiness.  His embracing of queerness.  His bohemian self.  It's all makes a very unique young man who grew up in a fairly traditional family but considers himself anything but traditional.  Jewish, queer (mostly been with she's but lets love and attraction be open to anything), opera singer, model, actor and musician.  He's yet another Renaissance style young actor and I for one am glad we are seeing this in more and more young males in Hollywood.  It's a wonderful counterpoint to machismo.

Oh and he is FINE.  Fine fine fine fine fine.  Which is the cherry on top of ALL that previous goodness.

Enjoy his moments in the JL trailer below.


Blessings all.

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