Tuesday, October 11, 2016

21 Things I Like

It is always nice to do a little insight post so here are 21 things I like.
Coming tomorrow, 21 things that I do not like.



  1. My Bubb - naturally.
  2. Half and Half in my coffee.
  3. Blueberry Bagel with Cream Cheese.
  4. Diversity - all round.
  5. Agatha Christie Novels.
  6. That little curve where a mans shoulder meets his neck.  Mmmm.
  7. Titanmedia.
  8. Dinosaurs.
  9. Bach.
  10. Spring.
  11. Rammstein - preferably live.
  12. Streisand - check out her new album, its like buttah.
  13. Ballet.  Ballet.  Ballet.
  14. Star Trek.
  15. Peanut Butter on celery.
  16. Espresso Martinis.
  17. Orgasms - just being honest.  They're really good for Depression.
  18. Spending hours in a book store.
  19. Good Coffee.
  20. Honesty.  Even if it makes me uncomfortable.
  21. People who are completely different to me.
What are your 21?

Going to tag a couple of my fave bloggers; Brenton from Aussielicious, BG from BosGuy, Tony at Speak Softly, and Viktor from Maybe Its Just Me.


Jimmy said...

I can't believe you didn't list Wonder Woman as #2!!

Damien said...

Wonder Woman is not a like. She simply IS a part of me :)

Hope you are well mate.

The Mistress said...

Bargains. And Half and Half.

I just picked up 2 for 1 containers of "Half and Half." Half price!

Damien said...

Mistress!!! No way! Score!