Sunday, October 9, 2016

Dear Friends and Visitors

I am bewildered by this election cycle.

In Australia we've had our fair share of bizarre moments from politicians. However, I don't think I've ever seen something on the scale of Mr Trump.

This business man is, in my opinion, nothing of which we would want in our President.

He is loud. Boorish. Racist. Sexist. A megalomaniac. And an identified sociopath.
A President needs to be introspective, able to look beyond self, accept opinions and the input of others, and act with diplomacy and thoughtfulness.
None of these traits apply to Mr Trump.

But there's another personal issue.

I have 2 nieces with my family, 2 more with my extended family here in the USA. I have a great-niece. I have female cousins. I have female in-laws due to the marriages of my extended and blood family. I have female friends who I consider my family. I have a beautiful sister-in-law. And I have a friend of 26 years who is female with a daughter, and two friends of 21 years who have a daughter, both of whom I believe to be the examples of great parenting. And then there is my mother. A wonderful, loving, strong woman.

I have wonderful female friends in New Zealand and Australia and the USA. So let me simply finish with this;

I respect you all too much to believe in the leadership of a man who does not respect you, your bodies, or your worth.
You are all worthy, beautiful and deserving of so much more in the leader of a country that has so much influence and reach in global affairs.

I do not accept the candidacy of Donald Trump.

I urge all those who can vote to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Your discomfort with the conspiracy theories of the Clintons is not enough to have you not vote Hillary Clinton.

There is so much more at stake than unqualified 3rd party protest votes and your dislikes.
This election is about a leader that will not only respect all those beautiful women I know, but will also work on THEIR behalf once in office.

Donald Trump will not do this.

And women deserve more.

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