Monday, October 10, 2016

"Trump The Predator" Came To Last Nights Debate

So the Donald thought he would stalk Hillary across the debate stage last night as so.....

The above 2 examples are classic "stalker/bully" moves.  You get in as close as you possibly can, you try to "ghost" in their personal space, and you stare them down from behind in an attempt to make them uncomfortable, uncertain and, if you're lucky, afraid.  You really want them to look behind themselves to see how close you are.  This is a man who is used to doing this to women.  This is a man who PLANS to do these things to women.  This is a man who is used to women being scared of him.

Thankfully, Hillary Clinton is no normal woman.  She's dealt with these types of men for over 30 years. 

And quite frankly, Trump will end up as a smear on the bottom of her Prada slips on November 8.

Donald is a predator.  But Hillary is not prey.


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