Thursday, September 15, 2016

I Love Project Runway ...... and Mondo!

Project Runway Season 15 started tonight - FUCK YEAH!

I love Project Runway and I love Fashion with a capital F.

I also LERV Mondo Guerra!!  His aesthetic is just beautiful.  It is an actual style that is never "more of the same".  Even many of the innovative designers still feel "done before".  Mondo never is.  He actually has a singular feel that you can completely drown in.

Enjoy him and his designs!


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Jimmy said...

I agree. I love Mondo. I think he even came out with a line of eye wear.

BosGuy said...

Based on what I've seen Heidi wearing lately on the red carpet, I'm going to suggest that she find a way to wear those hangers, because it's the best she's looked in a long time.

I too am excited for this season and was happy to see a Boston (Cambridge, MA) designer win the first challenge. I loved her design.

Damien said...

Jimmy - I'd believe it. He has such snazzy specs.

BG - LOL. Poor Heidi, she is NOT aging gracefully.
I was looking at the winners design and initially thought "ew" as she was building it, but it rocked on the runway. Definitely a surprise. One to watch for sure.