Friday, September 16, 2016

Being Fat In A 'NoFatNoFemmes' World

NO this is not about hooking up.

This is about making new adult friendships.

The Gay community - I am only talking about gay men right now - is an extended episode of Mean Girls in the High School home room.

Bubb and I are in a new city - Overland Park - and we are trying to navigate the world of making new friends.  We have WONDERFUL neighbours that we will be socialising with.  They are an adorable hetero couple.  Both teachers.  Both people who have lived.  They are awesome.

BUT............we also would love to meet some Gayelle couples.  But how?

Grindr?                     No. 
Scruff?                     No.
Growlr?                    No.

Is there a way to meet other couples without the issue of hooking up being an...............issue???

I don't think there is.  Certainly I haven't found it yet.

Not to mention that apparently - so I am told - that being fat is a negative to finding new friends.  Unless you wanna be in with the Bears.  Which is fine.  But talking to people who have done this themselves, they say that unless we stick to those gayelles we look like, it'll be an uphill battle.

So the 'No Fat / No Femmes' issue is NOT just about hook ups.  It also applies to adult friendships.  Which blows my mind.  What the hell does my waistline have to do with a friendship???


Open to all suggestions.  Please.

Off to Costco now.  I need water by the case and spanakopita by the box.

Shalom all.


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