Friday, September 2, 2016

Avant Garde Menswear

So....................... I am a diehard Project Runway follower and all round fan of fashion.  When I eventually get thin again I plan to be purchasing MONGO amounts of clothes.

So imagine my delight when I'm perusing the interweb and see "the future of mens fashion"?  It was momentary.

Let's take a look!

 Masai Warrior Evening Wear perhaps???
 Hmmm - can someone get this unhappy lad a sandwich please?
 I don't think dresses will EVER take off for men.
 Nice to see Joan Collins' jacket getting a second life.
Meanwhile CROTCH!
 Getting these poor guys OUT of this mess would be fun - the clothes, not so much.
 Evening wear for bomb techs?

For those with an Elphaba fetish?  I do like this.  But would never wear it.


Victor said...

Not my future! 😊

Damien said...

Oh Victor I know right!?

Jimmy said...

Proof male models are under paid.

Damien said...

Jimmy. Seems so.