Thursday, September 22, 2016

Fall Fashion 2016

Some of the interesting outfits that are part of the Fall season 2106 for men.
Fall is an interesting season for me because you start to see the combination of warm fabrics with the summer designs.

And yet, the fashion shows have a combination of things that you would and could wear, and of course the more out there stuff that you think "How could I wear that and not get mugged?"

 Scally Chic? I do like the jacket.

 This I like but it is purely for the body that is walking the outfit.

 I love this.

 I would wear the hell out of this.

There is NOTHING about this I do not like and/or would not wear. GORGEOUS!


Cy said...

RE: the last picture:

NOT that color.

Damien said...

Oh I *love* that last colour.